Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Years Eve

We had a fun New Years Eve party at our house with family. We had a great spread of food and it was fun night of eating (way too much) and playing games until midnight. The kids didn't stay up until then and luckily didn't wake up when all the fireworks went off. Scott also put out a puzzle that people enjoyed putting together. It was a fun way to end off a pretty good year. Some highlights of 2017 include:
  • Going to the Midway Ice Castles
  • Going to the zoo a lot
  • Our fence blowing down and getting a new fence and roof out of it
  • Spending a weekend at Bear Lake
  • Kylie completing her first year of preschool
  • Scott being done with BYU (this isn't a happy highlight, but it is something that changed the rest of the year)
  • Lots and lots of swimming during the summer
  • Taking Scott to see Manchester United play Real Salt Lake
  • Buying a swing set for $30
  • Getting a nasty note from someone about our yard and getting great support
  • Attending the Omer family reunion
  • Finally getting professional family pictures taken
  • Kylie starting tumbling
  • Jordan turning 2 and Kylie turning 4
  • Hosting Thanksgiving at our house for the second time
  • Having a truly fabulous Christmas
My mom bought a raclette where you cook meat and veggies on top and melt cheese on the bottom and then pour the melted cheese on top of your food.
We had a chocolate fountain, meatballs, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, caramel popcorn, chips and dip and cookies.
We played Scum and Spoons.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Day

Christmas day was such a fun day! The kids woke up around 7am and we opened up stockings in our room. Scott gave me a wonderful gift of going to see my childhood boy band of the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas! He always knows how to pull off a great Christmas surprise ( which is funny considering he really isn't good at keeping secrets at all). After stockings, we ate a breakfast of orange bread and egg nog.  Then we all lined up and headed downstairs to open presents! David and Kristene did a fun thing of making Santa footprints around the tree. The kids were in awe of seeing the footprints. Everyone looked at stockings from grandma and grandpa and then we dove into the presents. We were absolutely spoiled by family and were so grateful for all we were given. We had lunch, opened presents from grandpa Jack and grandmama Roberta and then left around 2pm to spend the rest of Christmas with grandma Becky. We showed up, had dinner and then opened presents. The kids were again spoiled by family. It was a wonderful Christmas full of family, fun and amazing gifts.
Jordan was so excited about the light sabers. It was hard to keep those secret since they're so big.
The traditional Christmas orange.
Love his look over Spider-man.
Me finding out about the concert.
Kylie trying some egg nog. It took some coercing to get her to try it.
It was a Christmas miracle that we got snow!
Jordan was satisfied playing with his toys in the middle of the floor.
He also went out to play with toys when he tired of opening presents.
This was Kylie's gift for finally being potty trained (yes, it's for real this time).

Christmas Eve

We spent Saturday, the 23rd at Scott's parents house and the kids made gingerbread houses and then we played minute to win it games in the evening. David and Kristene came into town the night before and it was fun to spend Christmas with them. We decided to spend the night since we were headed to church with everyone at 9 in the morning.
Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year and we went to Scott's parents church. I actually played my violin in a musical number with Dean, Nadine and a ward member. After church, we had lunch and then played games and did crafts until dinner. At night, we did a Christmas program with songs and Dean telling the story of Christ's birth. The kids were so excited about Santa coming that it actually took them a long time to finally go to sleep. We started to get a little frustrated, but then remembered that they were kids just excited about Christmas. It was fun to think back to when Scott and I were kids and how excited we got about Christmas and our traditions we had growing up.
Painting salt dough ornaments.

Playing a game of BINGO.
Grandpa telling the Christmas story.