Friday, November 17, 2017

Little Haunts

We were able to attend Little Haunts at This is the Place Heritage Park thanks to a giveaway I won! I entered a contest on Instagram and I actually won tickets to the park. I was so excited and the kids enjoyed it. We went on Saturday, the 21st, and my mom was able to come along with us. The kids had fun trick or treating around the park and we were able to check out a little reptile show. Kylie and Jordan loved seeing the lizards and snakes and Kylie even enjoyed holding a snake! She wasn't scared at all. We walked in a costume parade and got candy that was shot out from a real cannon. The kids got a free pony ride and had fun rolling down a hill. It was a fun morning and a good opportunity to check out the park during Halloween time.
This was the only time Kylie wore her Buzz Lightyear wings to whatever event we attended.
Trick or treating!
Trying to walk on stilts.
In addition to free tickets, we also received a free ticket for a dozen mini donuts.
Kylie was not hesitant at all about holding the snake. She truly enjoyed it.
The barber pulled a leech out the jar and scared Kylie. Haha.
Can you see the candy in the air? Some of the taffy was charred because it was shot out of a real cannon.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cornbelly's Day 2

We went to Cornbelly's again on Saturday, October 14th. It was a little chilly, but it wasn't a bad day at all. We did some of the same activities as last time and some new ones. There was a dog show going on that day as well that we watched for a little bit. The kids were getting bored of it and so we left early. There were all these cute little houses set up in the kid area that our kids didn't want to leave! They loved the ice cream shop the most, but enjoyed all the houses. It was a fun addition to what they had last year. We also found some small zip-lines and since it wasn't busy, we were able to stay there for a bit. The kids had a blast. We also had to go to the corn pit and play in there for a bit. We also made sure to go down the big slide one last time before we left. It was another great day at Cornbelly's.
Kylie couldn't miss the opportunity to dress up like a princess.
The kids loved scooping up "ice cream" and serving it. This was their favorite place.
Jordan also enjoyed the car garage.
Jordan loved going down the zip-line by himself.
This fun obstacle course was new this year as well. Kylie was flying through it.
Had to make a stop at the corn pit!
Always love the tower of carved pumpkins.