Thursday, October 5, 2017

Davis County Fair

Along with Kyle and Brianna, we hit up Davis County Fair this year. Scott had to work, so he wasn't able to come this time. We spent about 4 hours there and the kids had a lot of fun. Kylie did not want to leave, but it was so past nap time (and I didn't want to hit traffic) that we had to. I was bummed that they didn't have elephant rides this year, so I'm hoping that they bring them back. We checked out the end of the circus show when we got there, but it was so hot inside the tent that I had to take Jordan out to cool him off. He looked flushed within 5 minutes. We walked around after that and then waited for the sea lion show to start. It was a crowded area, but the show was cute and fun. There was a pirate show going on, but it didn't seem like something the kids would be interested in. I got a snow cone for the kids, but it melted so quickly because it was so hot. Haha. There was a free petting zoo and pony ride area that the kids loved as well. Jordan's favorite animal in the petting zoo was the goats and Kylie loved petting the turtle. Kyle and Brianna left after that and the kids and I stuck around for another hour. They played on the pirate ships and there was a nice covered play area with toys for younger kids to play with. Those are the areas that they wanted to stay and play at all day and that is a sign of a good time.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fun with Family

Brianna and Kyle came into town a few days before the Omer family reunion. While they were here, we hit up the zoo, the dinosaur museum (on $2 Tuesday of course), and the fair. It was a busy couple of days and it didn't help that my car broke down again, so we had to put it in the shop and play musical cars. We had a lot of fun with them though and it was good for the kids to get to know their cousin Killian a little better. It worked that the zoo was open later on Monday, August 14th, so that Grandma Becky could attend. It actually rained for about 10 minutes when we got there, but then it cleared up and it was a beautiful night. We saw the coolest thing happen right before we left to go home and it was a zebra and giraffe playing together! They just kept chasing each other around in circles until the mom giraffe stepped in between them. I always love when animals are active at the zoo.

The kids enjoyed the dinosaur museum again, but I think they're favorite part was the digging pit at the end. Afterward, we ate at JCW's and then hit up Costco before Kyle and Brianna had a dinner with friends to attend. Kyle and Brianna came during a great week as the zoo and fair were free and the museum was $2. It's always nice to not spend a lot of money when you're on vacation.

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

The next day, August 12th, we went to Seven Peaks in the morning for Kylie's birthday. It was our last time going there for the summer. That evening, my mom came to baby-sit Jordan and we headed to the Hale Center Theater to watch the play Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Scott's parents were kind and gave us (and Brita's family) a gift card to the theater for Christmas and we all made plans to go to at least one play together. We originally bought tickets for Becky to go, but she had other plans and so we took Kylie. It was a little bit long for her, but she did quite well. It helped that the play was a musical and it was very colorful as well. We got her a cookie at intermission and we had lots of fun once the show was over. It was the very last show and during the last song, a lot of confetti came out and they let the kids go down and play with all the confetti. We waited until most people were gone and then met some of the cast where Kylie was very shy (as usual). It was such a fun play and I'm glad that's the one we chose to attend.
Jordan took a turn crossing the floaties and he did a great job!
There was so much confetti!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kylie's 4th Birthday!

Kylie's birthday was an action packed day! We started out the day by hitting up the Bluffdale splash pad. When we showed up, it wasn't actually open so we had to wait about 30 minutes until the water turned on. Grandma and grandpa Fletcher, Andrew and some Peirce cousins showed up and so Kylie was in heaven. When it was time to head back, my car wouldn't start! It was absolutely dead. I had no cables and the kids were tired and hungry. Luckily, Nadine went and bought some cables and Scott was able to come over from work and help jump start my car. I was in tears because I needed to head back home to get the house ready for Kylie's party, my car was breaking down and then my only pair of flip flops broke (which was such a small thing, but made things so much worse in my mind)! We made it home with plenty of time in getting the house clean and ready (thanks to Nadine and Andrew).
We had family come over for cake and ice cream and I was so glad that we just invited family. I love our friends, but I know that I would have been stressing more if they were coming. The kids had a blast playing on the swing set outside and then we sang happy birthday, had cake and then opened presents. Kylie received a lot of fun and thoughtful gifts. Despite the crazy morning, things turned out really well in the end and Kylie seemed to have had a great day.