Sunday, June 11, 2017

Preschool Field Trip-Wheeler Farm

On May 2nd, Kylie had a preschool field trip at Wheeler Farm. We had just gone a couple days before, but she was excited to be back with her classmates. Jordan had a blast on the wagon ride and it was nice to have Scott there to help as well. After her field trip, we headed to get my birthday donuts! We went to a place called Create a Donut and it was such a fun place to check out. All they have are plain donuts, so you really do create your own from scratch. There were so many options that I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted. The kids enjoyed their chocolate doughnut with M&M's and gummy bears. I love finding new doughnut places to check out for my birthday each year. I think it's a fun tradition.
Playing hide and seek with daddy!
This was my doughnut. It had a nutella mousse filling, cream cheese glaze & peanut butter drizzle, topped with Reese's peanut butter cups and Biscoff & nutella crumble. It's a mouthful, but it was delicious.
Scott's doughnut had a whipped cream filling, raspberry drizzle, topped with fresh strawberries and the same crumble I had. He thought it was very good as well.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Dawsons Come to Town

Kyle & Brianna came to visit at the end of April. Brianna had a wedding to attend and so they made a long weekend trip out of it. The day after they arrived, we headed to the Discovery Museum and it was perfect timing because it was a free day! The kids, including Killian, had fun checking out the museum. After the museum, we headed home to put the kids down for naps and then met up for dinner at Black Bear Diner. It was a combined birthday dinner for me, Brianna and Kyle.
On Saturday, the 29th, we headed to Wheeler Farm in the afternoon and then had dinner at grandma's that evening. It was our first time to Wheeler Farm and it's a fun and free place to visit. It's a working farm, but we didn't do any of the activities that cost there. The kids had fun looking at the animals and playing at the playground.

Cross E. Ranch Baby Animal Days

On Saturday the 22nd, we met up with old friends Heather & Skylar and Natasha & Tom. They were friends that we met and hung out with when we lived in Provo. Heather & Skylar were in town from California and we found out that Natasha & Tom live here in Utah still. This ranch had an event called Baby Animal Days where you can go and hold all the baby animals that are there. There was also a little train and hay ride, a jumping pillow and homemade donuts to buy. It was fun to catch up with everyone and see our kids play with the baby animals.
They had these wagons that we could use for free.
This was a favorite activity of theirs.
The kids could have hung out in the baby goat pen the whole time.
Holding the baby chicks was super fun as well. Jordan had a hard time being soft and just wanted to grab and squeeze them. Haha. The baby ducks were resting, so we weren't able to hold them.
These jumping pillows are amazing. Our kids love these so much. This was fun to have there.
Friends! L-R: Scott & me, Skylar & Heather, Tom & Natasha.